Recently Completed Projects

St. Albans VA Hospital-Renovation of Palliative Care Floor including Nurse's Call System

Waldwick Police Station/Fire Station-New construction of public safety including 275KW generator

US Naval Base-Installation of aerial underground and CCTV for military facility weapons storage

Villa Madonna Early Childhood Center-New construction/addition of 80,000 sq. ft school

East Orange Housing Authority-Lighting retrofit of 244 apartments

COAH Development-New construction of town houses

New Jersey Certifications

School Development Authority (SDA)

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

Divison of Property Management Construction (DPMC)

Public Works


"Contract was performed professionaly, timely and with the quality we and our clients value".

"Of exceptional value to us has been CCL's assistance and experience on renovation projects where we find originallly undefined power and control issues, and with cooperation we completed the work timely and economically".

"CCL Electric has been a reliable company and had completed their scope of work on time".

"It has been a pleasure working with CCL and I look forward to working with them again in the future".

"We look forward to other projects with CCL".

"We are very pleased with his work and plan to use the services of CCL Electric in the future".